About Us

Our Mission:

Matter Over Mind was founded in an effort to raise awareness and understanding about mental illness. We aim to produce quality clothing that starts the conversation, while raising money for those living with mental illness every day. 

About the Name:

The saying "mind over matter" is used to overcome physical problems. However, with mental illnesses, sometimes the toughest battle can be within your own mind. Matter Over Mind is meant to signify that you are tougher than you think, and that it is possible to live a fulfilling and exciting life regardless of a mental illness diagnosis. 

Founder: Kali Taylor 

A Temple University alumnus, born and raised in Maryland. Growing up with anxiety and panic attacks was difficult. Her struggles were seldom talked about with anyone besides her doctors and parents. It was in high school that she got the courage to speak up about the challenges she faced. The experience gave her the idea for her first fundraising effort. She hosted an event that raised over $2000 for The National Alliance on Mental Illness. However, it was the stories people shared with her, and the conversations that have lasted more than anything. Kali continued to get involved with nonprofit work throughout college, and the idea for Matter Over Mind came about.